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In Balance Technology


With DYNAMIC’s® proven In Balance Technology© features, the serious athlete as well as the once-in-a-while sportsperson is guaranteed an insole providing not only target specific cushioning, but also full orthotic support and aligned gait functions, as well as full motion control. These are the first steps in providing positive strike, cushion, and gait alignment needed in almost every sport.

    Dynamic Performance Insoles®
    Performance Insole is our flagship product. Read whole story about this product, its history and medical background. Prepare to be amazed.
    Fitness Support
    We are combining the best of all areas in our innovative and no-stitch products to maximize comfort, support, and functionality in these products. Coming soon are fitness support products for ankle, knees, hips and spine, wrists, elbows and upper spinal regions.
    Dynamic Sports is in the final phase of development of our most basic and functional apparel lines. We are starting with sports T’s, compression tops and shorts, and fleece style hoodies. All of our apparel will incorporate function, durability and style.