What is In Balance™ technology?


Advanced biomechanics. Hi-tech materials. Always with the particular sport or activity in mind. Dynamic footbeds combine the best elements of performance, technology and medical design. It’s the science of the perfect stride and objectives are simple:

  • Balance the body’s natural engineering

  • Improve performance with every step

With DYNAMIC’s® proven In Balance Technology©  features, the serious athlete as well as the once-in-a-while sportsperson is guaranteed an insole providing not only target specific cushioning, but also full orthotic support and aligned gait functions, as well as full motion control.

These are the first steps in providing positive strike, cushion, and gait alignment needed in almost every sport.


Dynamic Constructs the Perfect Stride for Optimum Performance

  • Positions feet, knees, pelvis and spine in true anatomic alignment

  • Directs the body’s natural movement for maximum power and endurance

Dynamic Footbeds Rebuild Your Body in Balance!

Dynamic Performance Insole Technical Features

  • FLEX-ARCH Technology (Patent Pending)- Incorporated into full injected arch and heel-cup.


  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Arch and Heel– Orthotic motion control device (molded shank) provides strength, flexibility and durability.

  • Light Weight Polyurethane Foot Frame– Full Toe-to-Heel polyurethane frame provides superior durability and cushioning while giving you Orthotic Performance.

  • Second Density PORON® Forefoot and Heel Shock Pads– Excellent increased site specific shock absorption and maximized Energy Return.

  • Orthotically and Biomechanically Designed and Engineered by Gender– Anatomically correct fit for both women and men. Women’s models constructed on true Women’s last for proper contour and fit.

  • COOL MAX® Lined Top Layer and Perforated Forefoot- Enhanced comfort, cooling, and durability.

  • AGION®   Anti-Bacterial Treatment– Natural Silver, Copper, and Zinc treatment fights microbial growth and foot odor.

  • Highly Durable Construction Throughout– Built to outlast your footwear.

  • Graded Fit– More precise fit and function compared to competition.


  • Sport and Gender Specific Designed Insoles– Addressing Gait Control, Cushioning and Energy Return, and proper Orthotic Flexible Arch support and function.